Back in civilisation….


Back in civilisation….
Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru

J here. Lima unfortunately has a bad rep and it is a bit unfair. We were very cautious taking taxis after stories of strangle muggings but walking around Miraflores and Barranco was fine. Miraflores and Barranco are the “Posh” neighbourhoods and most nice houses have an 8 foot electrified fence outside. They are also situated along the cliff top coast line which gives an impressive view for a capital city. Security in our hostel was one metal perimiter door and one internal wooden door. We thought this gives an unfair impression about security. It was strange to be amongst ultra modern buildings and civilisation after setting off from a place where locals still live in mud brick houses and roads are not paved! Amost every building was covered with graffiti though. In Peru you don´t need to read up on the politics, you just need to read the graffiti on every wall to know what´s going on! The weather does let it down (Always grey and misserable) but on the other hand it was winter. It has every type of International restuarant you could imagine (with International prices) and we found the first street in the continent that was 100% packed with bars / clubs with touts outside offering free drinks to enter (Ibiza or Aya Napa style). We decided to go to a club called “Sargento Pimienta” – Sargent Peppers! We saw the queue and asked if we could pay to avoid it in true Latin America style. The manager was called so Caroline said “We are foreigners and dont have much time,” and we were in! She couldnt stop laughing until I told her some locals might get p***ed off when they see us inside. The music was great – no Latin American pop and all English or American. There are apparently lots of beautiful old buildings in central Lima but as we only had one weekend we decided we had seen enough colonial buildings! We were glad we went to Lima in the end though – a weekend to catch up on foreign luxuries, good restuarants, to go clubbing , a movie (War of the worlds) and Pizza Hut was just what we needed. p.s. caz says – no sign of Paddington Bear´s family which was quite dissapointing.


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