About Me

Caroline began her travels back in the days of snail mail and international calling cards. Her first fling with life abroad was working in Greece during University summers and then teaching English in Milan for 2 years. Her 20s were spent mostly travelling, working and volunteering abroad until landing back in the UK in a job as a Product Manager for an educational expedition company. For the last 15 years she has been travelling to parts of countries where tourists do not often venture (as well as those where they do!)  in the name of  product research. Along the way she has discovered incredible stories about remarkable people who are making a difference to their corner of the world, and it is these people who have inspired this blog.

Now mum to 2 little people, Caroline is discovering the chaotic but incredibly fulfilling world of travelling with kids. Caroline is passionate about responsible travel and volunteering and runs a Travel Consultancy -Not Just Travel.