Xmas at Kapiti


Xmas at Kapiti
Kapiti, New Zealand

Kapiti, New Zealand

J here đŸ™‚ Isn’t it lovely to have Xmas in Summer aye ? But they still sell Xmas cards with snow here – I never realised that before. Xmas day started with a game of cards for the Lind family while Caroline got up! Then present opening. Lots of presents. Lunch was some home made waffles (pic 1) as in NZ the main dinner is in the evening. Then there were a few international calls to those kiwi relatives’s of mine living overseas (traitors). The weather hasn’t been great, the coldest December since 1945, but on Xmas day it was perfect for a game of petanque in our garden (pic 2). Also perfect for a walk on the beach after Xmas dinner (pic 3). Now you can’t do that in the UK can you !


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