Coogee, Sydney, Australia

Coogee, Sydney, Australia

After the excitement of Kakadu we spent a weekend chilling out in Coogee, a beach suburb of Sydney where I lived when I was working here 3 years ago. I have always loved this place, ever since I set eyes on it but I don’t know why! It’s not that the beach is particularly picturesque… and it can get crowded at weekends but it has a kind of energy and old English charm. The beach promenade was built in Victorian times to resemble an English seaside resort, fortunately it’s alot nicer than Blackpool though, and a damn site hotter! There’s a fantastic walk over the cliffs to Bondi and a couple of nice Ocean pools which I braved a swim in. The water was only 20 degrees… bloody cold, and it took Jason 20 mins of contemplation on the edge before he made it in! The sun generally shone until about 3pm when the heavens opened, so I lapped it up thinking it might be the last time I see it for a while! (Rikke, Joe and Hamish – 1/21 Vicars Street appears to be exactly the same – not a hint of renovating the flats and the same old holey curtains etc! I didn’t see the Greek woman sitting on the steps though…)


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