Broome: Welcome to The Tropics


Welcome to The Tropics
Broome, Australia

Camels, heat and sawdust. Broome,  Western Australia

As soon as you step off the plane in Broome you know you are in the tropics…. the palm trees, the deafening sound of the locusts and strange bird calls, the blinding turquoise waters as we flew in, and last but not least the intense heat. As soon as you step into it you just know you need to get out of it quick smart. It’s only about 32 degrees but with the humidity feels alot more. Perhaps that’s why things happen so slowly around here…. infact maybe they just don’t happen at all.

Walking down the main street at 8pm on a Friday night.. Silence. A couple of empty restaurants, no people, no traffic and that’s it! ‘Perhaps they all come out at midnight’ Jason said optimistically…. suddenly the sign at the hotel encouraging you to “Slip into Broome time” made sense. This place made Perth look like the London rat race!

Spit and Sawdust.

To escape the heat for a few minutes (even at night!) we wandered into the local pub, the Roebuck hotel (‘Roey’ to the locals.. there it is again). Only we had accidentally entered the “working men’s part” of the pub. Real spit and sawdust stuff. Not a single other woman in there, just pool tables, bikini clad barmaids and beer-swilling, sweaty blokes! Of course they all turned to have a good look at the tourists as we walked in. 3 blokes soon attached themselves to Jason and bringing out the Lonely Planet book almost caused a riot. They flocked over to have a look and try and advise us on where to eat, “Is that a book all about Broome?” one bloke asked excitedly. I was chuckling away thinking of an LP just for a town with 2 streets and 3 pubs.

Sony 037

Camel Giggles.

The next day we headed over to the famous Cable Beach which was not disappointing. Seeing the sunset from a Camel appeared to be the done thing, and although it took some persuasion on my part to get Jason on it, we headed off across the beach in a ” Camel train” with about 10 others.The camels weren’t the friendliest bunch though.. (Not that I have a multitude of camels to compare to…)and ours decided that the man in front looked extremely tasty. Every time we stopped he would nuzzle up to the man’s bright orange shirt (perhaps mistaking it for a carrot?) and start to nibble his back or arm. When he tried to take a piece out of the shirt and instead left “camel drool” all over the man’s back I nearly fell of my camel laughing.  We had a great time in Broome staying at a luxury hotel (much appreciated after hostels) which was my Birthday present to Jason. However luxury it was though they couldn’t keep out Broome’s enormous-flying -bug population!

Sony 056


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