G'Day sheila's and cobber's


G'Day sheila's and cobber's
Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

G’day, Well, we made it after 15 hours flying. We spent the “Arvo” kipping and then checked out the local internet cafe around the corner in Kings Cross. A few fine specimens of locals (well educated “Cobbers”) were fighting right out side the internet cafe so Carolines first comment as she was still waking up was “why the hell did we stay in this lovely area”. Struth, I though, the Sheila’s already got a “cob on” , what a “beaut” start, aye! Kanga house was advertised as being in Potts Point which is a nice area but that was a load of “bunkim”. The first full day we checked out the shops around market street. Food, drink, clothes, especially beer was a lot more expensive than South Africa … some belt tightening is needed ! We had a drink along the harbour, directly opposite the Opera House with the Sydney Harbour Bridge behind us. What a stunning view. I persuaded Caroline to do a 5 minute walk to Darling Harbour which was actually 30 minutes. I got a bit of GBH of the earhole for that. We had just arrived and they were lighting the Xmas lights. Then a firework show. Did they know we were celebrating ? The 23rd November was our 2 year anniversary. We had decided to treat ourselves to a nice diner. Unfortunately we in-advertantly ended up in an Indian instead of a Thai. Another prime spot in Darling Harbour with stunning views. The next day we wandered around Rushcutters Bay and Double Bay and eventually to Bondi Junction where Caroline used to work. It is also known as “County Bondi” because so many Irish live there. The new shopping mall is about 8 storeys high and meant to be the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Probably a bit modern, clean and posh for Bondi Junction. I got dragged to see Bridget Jones 2 – but there were 2 other sad blokes I saw trying to hide on the way out. She owes me atleast 2 “flicks” for that aye! On Friday we did the 10km Spit Bridge to Manley walk. There are amazing views around the coastline. A lot of very loud birds (flying sort) and long lizards about 15 inches long on the track. We had lunch half way overlooking the entrance to the Harbour and all the boat traffic (luxury yachts etc). There are dozens of little private bays but no one was swimming… probably due to the pollution although the water is see-through and the needles that wash up. We relaxed on Manly beach ocean side rather than the harbour side as it is a peninsula. We splashed out on the ferry back across the harbour to Sydney. It has to be one of the top 5 boat trips in the world to arrive between the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Check the photo’s. In the evening caroline got a date with her ex Hamish, and a failed text message meant I was stood up. But luckily we were staying in kings Cross, the night life capital of Aussie. But, it is also the Gay/lesbian/vice/drugs capital of Aussie and if I had known that we definitely wouldn’t have stayed there. But we did, so there were loads of interesting options ! Off to Perth.


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